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IPR Related Services

We at Taal Systems provide the following services in the Intellectual property Rights (IPR) through our IPR consultancy services company, Sanshadow Consultancy Private Limited (SSCPL) that provides end to end IP services right from patent portfolio creation to their commercialization.

Trade Mark

  • Trade Mark Search
  • Filling of Applications
  • Renewal and Rectification of Application
  • Action of Infringement


  • Registration, Assignment, Infringement of copyright
  • Software Programs copyright

SSCPL have robust IP management systems in place which make IP management an easy and simple task. For example:

  • IP Watch - a unique alert service that tracks worldwide developments in the clients specific technological area
  • Preliminary Review of Inventions - a preliminary feedback on the patentability of an invention with a turn-around time of 24 hours
  • Novelty Search - Report on prior art for a particular invention.
  • Technical Patent Drafting - Draft with drawings (including suggested claims)
  • Creating and Updating IP databases

SSCPL helps customers to create an IP savvy environment in the organization by formulating effective IP Policies, IP Audits and Strategic IP Reports to support their long term strategy for enhancing evaluation. These include :

  • Product Analysis Report on the construction functionality and physics behind the product versus live patents in relevant jurisdiction and
  • Comprehensive Report on the Invalidation/ Workaround of the Patent.

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