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IT Infrastructure Maintenance

At Taal Systems, we offer a wide range of services for our clients – from providing and maintaining IT device operation in whole, to implementing individual projects. We offer such IT infrastructure support services in Delhi and NCR.

Delivery and Installation of hardware

We perform the delivery and installment of hardware as well as its configuration in your IT environment. The preparation of hardware standard set is done according to your IT requirements.

Hardware Maintenance and repair

We provide maintenance services as well as warranty and post warranty repair of your hardware. The maintenance service content is discussed and coordinated with the customer. If necessary, we offer stand-by equipments for temporary use during major breakdown.

Incident Prevention

Incident prevention is performed using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters. SLA parameters are discussed and set according to your business needs.

Computer Network Maintenance

We provide local computer network maintenance for optimal performance. The local computer network maintenance is done according to the customer needs. During the maintenance, we perform connection defect detection and prevention, network integrity testing and device configuration conformity testing.

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance is intended for keeping its performance capability at a constant rate over a period of time. Activities performed in maintenance consists of periodic maintenance, on demand repair/replacement, device driver renewal etc. as per SLA.

Our Service desk is equipped to log your request and resolve problems over phone or depute service engineer. Service desk can be contacted on Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 17:30 PM.

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