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Configuration Management

IT environments are increasingly complex. So is the job of managing them. Taal Systems’s Configuration Management services provide a single system of record for IT system. Configuration Management helps organizations better understand the IT environment by providing insight into not only the impact of incidents, problems and changes, but also financial resources, service availability and capacity management. Configuration Management gives more control over the environment and to facilitate decision-making.

With our Configuration Management tools and techniques, IT can:

  • Build and Maintain a Single System of Record
    • Store and manage information only once
    • Reduce duplication of effort and cost
    • Ensure information accuracy
    • Accelerate process execution
  • Shape the Enterprise Service Model
    • Get an end-to-end view of configuration item lifecycles and relationships
    • Maintain data integrity through workflow, escalations and scheduling
    • Trust validated configuration data when making decisions about change
  • Enable IT Service Processes
    • Speed resolution of incidents and problems
    • Reduce risks associated with change
    • Improve the speed and quality of change
    • Make better decisions around how assets are used

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