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Data Processing and Analytics

Established in 2007, Taal Systems is a leading service provider in the domain of data processing, data management and custom software development. We began our operations as a small yet focused database management firm. Today, we have diversified our business and expanded our capabilities in the specialised sectors of market research and development.

Taal Systems has established a reputation for excellence and reliability among our associates and customers. We are a leading solution provider in the area of market research. Our portfolio of service includes Data Processing Services, Data Analysis, Data Conversion Services, Customized Software Development, Data Collection and Bulk Mailing Service.

We aspire to be a catalyst in the business of our customers aiding them in making decisions that are data-centric. This makes us a vital link in the business processes of our customers.

Data Processing Services

We help our clients from varied industries tackle their data processing challenges such as summarizing information into intelligent formats, generating important summary statistics on data, and creating powerfully illustrated tables. We also create percentile rankings and frequency distributions, and perform rank order analysis on data, and data extraction from unstructured content to build easy-to-use spreadsheets or database. Our ideal confluence of competent experts and state-of-the- art technology ensures substantial cost savings and productivity gains for our clients.

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Mining
  • Forms Processing
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Cheque Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Examination Results Processing
  • Credit Card Processing

Data Analysis Services

If there is information, it can be analyzed. Many of the companies are astonished to find that major chunk of their information requirements can be sourced from the data locked in their cupboards, lying on their desktops or in the server machines. Whereas companies have access to huge amount of data, which gets generated during routine operations, they invariably face the problem of handling the bulk of disorganised data. What adds to their problems is that nobody has the time to sit and analyze it. We at Taal Systems offer services to overcome this problem. The service proposition works in the following manner:

  • Evaluate the data sources for quality of information
  • Suggest improvements in the data generation process to suit requirements
  • Manage data at systems' end in the prescribed format (Data entry, data cleaning, data validation)
  • Analyze data to identify patterns and actionable information
  • Send data analysis reports at regular intervals
  • Provide screened data at short notice for requirements like mass mailing, promotional campaigns etc.

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