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Software Maintenance


At Taal Systems, we understand the mindset for an organization to concentrate on its core business as well as maintain IT applications to the growing needs of the organization. However, performing in-house application maintenance is a time consuming task, making it an expensive proposition for a company especially SMEs.

Taal Systems have resources well experienced in software maintenance for retail, accounting/ billing, asset mangement, procurement, scientific and even system applications. From our experience, we have made our services flexible and our expertise ensure that problems are resolved quickly, tests are performed meticulously and updates are methodically implemented and documented with strict change management policies.

Taal Systems helps clients to simplify process of software maintenance and reduce maintenance and upgradation costs by automating the process using suitable tool that would cut development time, save valuable labour resources, and improve the quality of the software system. Taal Systems undertakes maintenance and modernization work on:

  • UNISYS Mapper
  • Oracle 2000

Our services cover maintenance of:

  • Legacy software for mainframes, mini computers etc
  • Software developed in early versions of Windows/ DOS
  • Web-applications

The services also include managing changes and/or fixing issues of active applications. Modernization/ enhancements can also taken up provided the source code is available.

Our Three Phase Approach

The maintenance take-on follows a 3-Phased approach:

Phase I: Study

  • Assign team based upon the operating systems, software environment, business environment, databases, etc.
  • Acquire in depth understanding of the business domain and a comprehensive knowledge of the application.
  • Understanding of the technical and business issue involved in the process.

Phase II: Audit

  • Identifying areas of work of client and offshore maintenance team.
  • Providing training in the required areas to the maintenance team.
  • Inventorise the items(programs etc) and create base versions
  • Set up quality gateways
  • Create plan to approach the work and agree on SLAs.

Phase III: Execution

  • Start the work in phased manner, before taking on totally
  • Updation of needed application requirement in consent with the growing business need.
  • Offer steady state support, dashboard reporting and highlight reporting.


For more information, click on the Contact Us link on this page or send an email to: info.centre@taalsystems.com