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Scientific Computing

Taal Systems specializes in designing and developing software applications for conducting measurements and capturing of data using PCs. We develop automated systems that monitor the environment and control measurement/ industrial process to achieve desired results. Various equipment/ instruments configurations using communications like RS-232C/ GPIB/ A2D-D2A are supported to achieve above.

We provide solutions for complex statistical and mathematical analysis on the available data with application of data analysis techniques like one way frequency distribution tables, cross tabulations, sub sampling, central tendency calculations, basic tests for significant differences, charting, and graphing.

Scientific Computing

Whether the clients are working on a research project or on a teaching course, our scientific programmers can help them with all aspects of using our machines, from choosing the systems which will best meet their needs to working with them for getting maximum efficiency from their codes or applications. This includes helping with porting existing codes to new modern systems and selecting, implementing, and refining algorithms appropriate to the applications for new codes. We can also help them parallelizing their code, measuring its performance, and tuning it. Our staff can also demonstrate the most effective numerical methods, scientific libraries, and computational techniques that are available for client's application or develop one to suite their requirements.

We have required expertise (PhDs & Engineers with experience) in various scientific areas to understand client's problem and their requirements.

Outsource Data Analysis Services

If there is information, it can be analyzed. Many of the companies are astonished to find that major chunk of their information requirements can be sourced from the data locked in their cupboards, lying on their desktops or in the server machines. Whereas companies have access to huge amount of data, which gets generated during routine operations, they invariably face the problem of handling the bulk of disorganised data. What adds to their problems is that nobody has the time to sit and analyze it. We at Taal Systems offer services to overcome this problem. The service proposition works in the following manner:

  • Identify the sources of data generation in course of business operations
  • Evaluate the data sources for quality of information
  • Suggest improvements in the data generation process to suit requirements
  • Manage data at systems' end in the prescribed format (Data entry, data cleaning, data validation)
  • Analyze data to identify patterns and actionable information
  • Send data analysis reports at regular intervals
  • Provide screened data at short notice for requirements like mass mailing, promotional campaigns etc.


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